FEM-Simulation & Predictive Design

We help industrial companies who need Finite Element Analysis (FEM simulations) for product and process design.
We trace the causes of technical problems or designs, so that targeted improvements are achieved. This means that the trial and error phase is definitely a thing of the past.


Physixfactor uses the latest processor technologyy (AMD EPYC 9124) with RAM memory of 1.5 TByte. Ideal for flow and contact mechanics.


Flow Design

  • More efficient flow possible with lower power?
  • Deposition of particles?
  • Energy efficient aeration of fluids with bacteria .
  • Dust removal, does it comply with health regulations?
  • Off shore pumping.
Stress simulation of construction container

Mechanical Design

  • Is construction strong enough?
  • Where are the peak stresses?
  • Failure analyses due to intense vibrations?
  • Heat developement by friction, where to cool best?
  • Drop tests.
  • Contact mechanics.
Hallbach magneet4

Magnetic Design

  • How to protect electronical circuits from EM pulses?
  • Powerful design of a electromagnet?
  • Rural areas close to high tension cables, dangerous or not?
  • Dynamic response of electr motors.

Physixfactor organizes training in the field of Finite Element Methods (FEM simulations). The training is independent of the software used. Although the training is provided with Comsol, you can also use your own software.

  • Benchmarks are used in the training for FEM analyses. These should produce the same results for every FEM software system. Also your own software package.
  • How do I know if the FEM result is reliable?
  • Which mesh elements should I use in static or dynamic simulations? How can I reduce the computational costs of large models?
  • The training is INDEPENDENT of a software package. Valid for all FEM packages!

COMSOL Certified consultant

Physixfactor is specialised in the use of  Comsol and acquired the level of  “certified consultant“.


This means that the quality and service regarding the simulations and the advice based on them to the business community meet the requirements expected in this area. Physixfactor uses fast computers based on the AMD EPYC 9124 technology, with a RAM memory of up to 1.5 TByte. The simulations are tested for convergence, accuracy and are results-oriented.



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Stress simulation of construction container

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