Computational Fluid Dynamics

The importancy of predicting Laminar Air Flow (LAF flow) in cleanrooms and hospital environment is very high. With CFD it is possible to model and predict the deposition of tiny particles in the airflow, and areas where the deposition is highly prevented. In this picture a LAF-flow cabinet is shown. Due to strict specifications one should design the cabinet in such a way that all clean air flows nicely without turbulence to the room.

Downflow cabinets are another important application in the laboratory environment.

Laminar Flow Cabinet

Radial turbopump,

Centrifugal pumps can be optimized for volume flow, for example. However, there are also other aspects that play an important role. Vibrations can have undesirable effects on the pump housing and, after a long period of time, can cause failure of the housing or the bearings in the pump. When using water and high pressures, the interaction of the water with the house can cause problems or be a source of vibration and excessive noise. Noise reduction in pump housings and fans is an interplay between geometric optimization and reducing vortices in the flow