Wind load on buildings


Susar (Sustainable Architecture & Agriculture) is a collaboration of designers and builders for sustainable homes. The container homes that are installed in Africa can be supplied prefabricated and are designed according to local wind load standards. The container home has been designed according to the most modern insights and is completely energy neutral, or can even generate energy for the community. All these designs fall into the category of sustainable living, and the designs have been created according to the most modern insights and techniques. The container homes must be able to withstand all kinds of wind loads, but we also make smart use of this wind to obtain ventilation in the home in all wind directions.


Buildings in tropical areas

The container homes are placed in Africa and must be able to withstand the prevailing weather conditions and wind loads. They also wanted to know how the air flows around the house, in connection with the sophisticated natural ventilation in the house, possibly supplemented with a solar energy ventilation system. Because this is used, it also results in energy savings. The wind load has also been simulated to determine the strength and stability of the homes in strong winds, given the meteorological conditions where the homes will be located. The ventilation system in the houses works for all kinds of wind directions and strengths. As a result, the ventilation in the houses has become more reliable and complies with the latest insights in the field of energy-efficient and sustainable homes. For more information about what Physixfactor has done for Susar, click on this link . For information about Olthaar’s design, click here