Computational Fluid Dynamics of ship hull

Today’s computational tools offer a great possibility on the improvement of the ships hull design. The methods used today are since 2000 the RANS (Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes) methods. With the increasing computational power, not only the hardware, but also the developement of new very robust and cunning software codes it becomes feasible and attractive to simulate the performance of the hulls.

Hull Design

The design of a hull for a ship can be done in specific CAD environments where the curvatures and dimensions can be controlled. The design can be tested in the CFD software for performance at different hull speeds. It is important to reduce the resistance of the hull.

CFD Resistance

The hull once designed can be tested in the CFD software for performance. In the picture above an impression is given of the flow around a customers hull. The resistance at certains boat speed has been investigated.