Strength calculations

Physixfactor has managed to avoid expensive laboratory tests with virtual models for ROMA Netherlands! The mechanical stresses were localized in the structure, taking into account the construction method. Based on these insights, some adjustments were made to the construction and the order of positioning the panels during construction. In this way we have been able to reduce the voltages by 80%, which means that ROMA can operate its cold stores without any problems in the most extreme conditions. Avoid expensive laboratory tests!



Virtual reality, what can you do with it?

At the invitation of ROMA, Physixfactor gave a presentation about virtual reality for the Royal Dutch Association for Cold. Read the full article that appeared about this in RCCK&L: What do you achieve with virtual reality? This presentation takes a closer look at the importance of FEM simulations in industry and the developments in this area in the near future.



Bottom part construction panel ROMA

Strength calculations

Strength calculations are important for structures, but this becomes more difficult when more factors such as temperature and air leakage play a role. This example from ROMA Nederland concerns cold stores and cold stores. Cold rooms and freezers are used to store food, for example meat, for long periods of time at -28°C. Especially in warm countries, problems can arise due to the large difference in outside and inside temperatures, so that a strength calculation becomes necessary to map the stresses due to expansion. ROMA Nederland is receiving more and more orders for cold stores and cold stores from warm countries, and the temperature difference between outside and inside can lead to problems with mechanical stresses, resulting in air leakage and therefore energy loss.

Extremely large panel constructions.​

The assignment is to set up a strength calculation of panel constructions that also serve as insulation. Come up with proposals on how large cold stores, sometimes as large as 40 x 40 x 80 m³, can continue to function leak-free in warm countries with reduced mechanical stress. A good insulating effect must be guaranteed under all voltage conditions. At the start of the project, the problem statement was clear, including detailed photos of the construction. However, in which direction the solution should be sought was more complex. This also had to do with the way of building and all kinds of other aspects of the construction. Physixfactor has simulated the construction at its own discretion and, based on close communication with the designers and builders, has been able to define a set of preconditions that apply in practice. During this project, the strength calculations and interim results were discussed with the technical teams.