Stress simulationsROMA isolation systems

Stress simulations are important for constructions, especially when more factors come into play such as temperature and air leakage. In this example of ROMA Netherlands, a leading company of insulated system building, it is about cold storage. Cold storage and freezer warehouses are used to store food, for example meat, for a long time at -28 °C. Especially in hot countries problems may arise due to the temperature difference between in-, and outside the building. ROMA Netherlands receives ever more orders for cold storage and refrigerator warehouses from hot countries. This temperature difference between in-, and outside can lead to problems with mechanical stress, air leakage as a result and thus energy loss.

Stress in panel construction

The objective was to map the stresses of panel constructions, which serve as insulation as well. In addition, proposals were requested how large refrigerated warehouses of 40x40x80 m³ with reduced mechanical stress can keep functioning in hot countries without any leakage. A good insulating capacity should be guaranteed.

FEM simulation of panel construction

Right from the start of the project its purpose was clear, in part because of detailed photos of the construction. However, in which way the solution should be sought was more complicated. This depended most of all on the kind of construction. Physixfactor has simulated the construction, and based on close communication with the designers and constructors it could define boundary conditions that play a role in practice. During this project the intermediary findings were discussed with the technical teams.


Physixfactor has prevented ROMA Netherlands from conducting expensive laboratory tests! The mechanical stresses were localised in the construction, including different constructions. On the basis of these insights several adjustments were made in the construction and the order of panel placement during the construction. This way the stresses were reduced by 80% and ROMA can have their freezer warehouses function in extreme weather conditions without any problems.