Wire Drawing Dies

Physixfactor can assist you in making your production lines very efficient and competitive. Simulations of wire drawing dies reveal the performance of the wire drawing dies and Physixfactor is able to give you suggestions to improve the productivity and reduce the wear of the dies. This means that the lifetime of the wire dies can be increased, and you will experience the benefit from the simulations by Physixfactor directly.

Lifetime of wire drawing dies

It is important to use the data of your materials used for the wire-drawing-dies. When you use mono or polycrystalline diamond (PCD) dies the simulations will generate the drawing force and the temperature developement. The temperature in the die is influenced by the drawing angle of the die, and the lubricant. Also of importantcy is the casing material which which should be strong enough to prevent breaking of the die.

Wear reduction of wire dies.

To reduce wear in the wire die, one should realise that many parameters in the die will have an effect on this. The drawing angle, the composition of the casing material (alloy), hardness of the casing around the die material and the ability to absorp the heat so that the temperatures do not have to much influence on the wear process. BAsed on many years of experience Physixfactor is able to advice you on the appropriate choice of alloys in order to increase the lifetime of your wire dies.