Expertise Medical Products

Innovations in the field of medical products are in the spotlights at the moment. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) can be used to test many products in a virtual phase first, so as to optimise the design and specifications. Physixfactor has done simulations on thermal flow in electronic equipment for medical applications, but also mechanical simulations with sophisticated alloy steels in dentistry. All these projects have high standards and specifications in common, so virtual prototyping is particularly suitable method to test products on the desired characteristics. During the analysis process many parameters can be varied, and their influence on the behaviour of the product. This way one can propose swiftly specific solutions for an optimal design, within the required demands.

If you design medical products and if they have to be tested, a FEM (Finite Element Method) model can be made instead of a prototype. Extensive modules for various tests are available in the COMSOL software. Magnetic, electric and thermal characteristics can be tested and weak components can be adjusted. Thus, powerful computers with short calculation times can quickly and efficiently realise an optimal design. Inquire for the extensive possibilities.